The Vulnerability Behind the Veil (2018)

Through the compositional use of two figures, The Vulnerability Behind the Veil (2018) as a project explores both the internal and external responses to the development of human relationships. I explore barriers through the use physical items, such as wet drapery, to create a blatant juxtaposition of being incredibly close, through the power of touch, yet vastly detached, due to a veil of separation. Similarly, my work also explores barriers that are less tangible, evident in the use of a singular line. By outlining each lover in a solid color, I create a visual border that defines each figure from not only one another, but also the environment that surrounds them. To adequately explore the barrier tension between the lovers and their environment, I frequently work in multiples that reference the structure of film stills to effectively convey a linear narrative. By emphasizing thematic structures, I generate an intrinsic conversation that links the viewer and their respective emotions to the blatantly melodramatic themes prevalent in this body of work.

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